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June 2018










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PGE Narodowy, Warsaw, Poland

Not just a conference. Blockchain NeXt is:

VIP Cocktail

20th June, Ivy Poland Foundation, Warsaw

The night before the event startups, investors, representatives of top public and private institutions got together at the VIP Cocktail in the prestitgious venue of Ivy Poland foundation.

This was an opportunity for startups to present their project at the beginning of the cocktail, as well as to meet the largest names in the blockchain industry, such as Miko Matsumura, Alexander Shulgin, Marloes Pomp and Dr Sohail Munir.

Professor, may I?

BN’18 had 10 official academic partners, including Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Poland

VIP Cocktail

The VIP cocktail was organized in the stylish venue of Ivy Poland Foundation. It is one of the few entirely historical buildings in Warsaw.


21st June, PGE Narodowy Stadium, Warsaw

An all day long event filled with speeches and discussion panels by top figures in the blockchain industry. The agenda covered applications of blockchain in public administration, law, smart city, finance, corporations and its implications for the economy in general.

In addition to this, the conference was an opportunity to exhibit for the top startups participating in the Blockchain NeXt Startup Show.

Smart Dubai Government

Dr. Sohail Munir, BN’18’s keynote speaker from Smart Dubai Government, has over 25 years of experience in the areas of Smart City, e-Government and FinTech

Miko Matsumura

Miko Matsumura, BN’18 keynote speaker from Evercoin Exchange, raised over $50M in venture capital for Open Source startups as a 25 year old.

Blockchain NeXt Crypto Night Afterparty

21st June, WorkIn Senatorska, Warsaw

The participants together with the VIPs gathered on the eve of 21 st June at WorkIn to network, connect and celebrate the first edition of Blockchain NeXt. Sophisticated drinks were accompanied by music arranged by one of the top DJs of Polish musical scene, DJ Kebs.

Professor, may I?

BN’18 had 10 official academic partners, including Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Poland

VIP Cocktail

The VIP cocktail was organized in the stylish venue of Ivy Poland Foundation. It is one of the few entirely historical buildings in Warsaw.

Blockchain NeXt Startup Show

Top 50 Blockchain focused startups
Highly selective process
Program board made of blockchain experts
Most innovative projects
Prestigious awards

The Winner of Blockchain NeXt Startup Show '18: BitCademy

The Programme Board of Blockchain NeXt '18 slected BitCademy as the most interesting project that participated in the competition. The project won a prestigious award funded by the - one year in Iskander's acceleration program.

Our Speakers

Munir PhD
Smart Dubai Government

Sohail Munir is the Adviser for Emerging Technologies and Smart City Transformation at Smart Dubai Government. He is a seasoned industry professional with over 25 years of Entrepreneurial and Program Management experience in the areas of Smart City, Safe City, Digital Transformation, Digital ID, e-Government, C4I Systems and FinTech. He specializes in Enterprise Architecture for large and complex ICT Systems. He is a key contributor to the Blockchain and Paperless city initatives at Smart Dubai Government.

Evercoin Exchange

Miko Matsumura founded crypto exchange Evercoin, is a Venture Partner with BitBull Capital, a cryptocurrency fund-of-funds. He is a token holder in FileCoin, Brave, CIVIC, Propy, Polymath and an investor in Lyft. As chief Evangelist for the Java Language and Platform he participated in the first wave of the Internet, and is now fully engaged in Internet of value. As a 25 year operating exec in Silicon Valley, he has raised over $50 million in venture capital for Open Source startups and over $200M in ICO capital. He currently advises cryptocurrency startups like Naga Group ($50M ICO Stock Trading), SwissBorg ($50M ICO Swiss Banking), Playkey ($10.5M Streaming Gaming), Bee Token (Decentralized AirBnB), Celsius (Ether Lending), Wala (African Cryptobanking), (Online Lottery), Millenium Esports (Esport Gaming), Refereum (Gamer Affiliate Marketing), Pundi X (Payments), WiFiCoin, Guardian Circle (Decentralized Global 911 Emergency Services), Blockchain Terminal (Bloomberg for Crypto) and Hub (Decentralizing Professional Social Networking). He is also an LP with Focus Ventures, a firm with over $800M under management, 9 IPOs and 44 exits. He holds an Master’s degree in Neuroscience from Yale University where he worked on abstract computational neural networks. He’s leads the Crypto Underground meetup in San Francisco and is a well known speaker at many cryptocurrency and blockchain events.

Forbes 30 Under 30

Founder and CEO of OPUS, the world’s first music streaming platform built on Ethereum and IPFS. Co-Founder and CEO of Nextrope - a blockchain-oriented software house delivering scalable blockchain platforms to startups, enterprises, and governments. His diverse ventures have gained Mateusz international recognition in the technology sector; among others, he is a Forbes 30 Under 30 winner.


Viktor Romaniuk Wanli is a visionary entrepreneur and the co-creator of the modern gaming & eSports ecosystem, innovating the industry since 2003. In 2013 he pioneered the secondary market for digital games by establishing Kinguin, the first marketplace directly linking digital game sellers and consumers. This year, Kinguin is projected to surpass 100 million dollars of annual revenue.

Avanza Innovations

Waqas Mirza is the CEO of Avanza Innovations. Part of Avanza Group of Companies which has almost two decades of experience in delivering solutions to over 300 customers across 45+ countries. As the CEO of Avanza Innovations, Waqas has been passionately building the company as a technology powerhouse, that has an impressive portfolio of services and on-ground implementations across areas like: Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, Smart City Enablement and Customer Engagement. Waqas Mirza has also been serving on the board of directors for Avanza since November 2011 and is also a member of Avanza’s Global Leadership and Innovation Committees. Waqas holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Sciences from FAST-NU and Master’s in Business Administration from London Business School.

Blockchain Technical Leader

Maciej Jędrzejczyk has been affiliated with IBM since 2011 where he holds a role of Senior IT Architect for public administration in Poland. Maciej is constantly building a critical mass of support by evangelizing enterprise adoption of innovative technologies in CEE region.
He leverages blockchain to design industry business solutions. Since 2016, Maciej represents IBM in a Stream for Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, an initiative led by Polish Ministry of Digital Affairs. He is also a member of Fintech workgroup within the Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications.

Blockchain Software Consultant

Software developer & consultant. Blockchain Application Developer at Kodak ONE, Blockchain Solution Architect at Buddy, Blockchain, Smart Contracts Consultant, co-founder of Crypto@Cracow. Member of the “Blockchain/DLT and digital currencies” workgroup lead by the Polish Ministry of Digital Affairs. His main areas of interest are IT, economy and finance. He is particularly interested in projects which combine aforementioned fields of knowledge in order to simplify existing infrastructure, make it more secure, efficient and transparent.

CMO & Co-Founder

Grant has been developing models and ventures around tech, content and branding since his teens. Through his own projects and collaboration with influential entities, Grant has been engrained within startup, creative and corporate environments. He is seen as a unique visionary and innovator in the applications of tech and media across cultural elements and has done so in European and American environments. Grant is consistently tapped for his vision and strategies while developing or assisting startups in the US and Europe.

Cloud Technology Strategist

Technological Strategy at Microsoft Poland. He deals with the promotion and implementation of cloud solutions based on Microsoft Azure products and Digital Transformation of the largest Polish enterprises. Involved in innovative projects and incubation platforms for new services - Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Electromobility. He has extensive experience in the implementation and design of backbone operator networks, optical technologies and management systems. Previously he worked as an Architect and Consultant at Cisco Systems, managing a team of engineers. Presenter at conferences: Microsoft Technology Summit, Microsoft Architect Forum, Cisco Expo, Cisco Forum, PLNOG, Azure Cloud Community, Economic Congress. Holder of CCIE and Microsoft Azure MCP industry certifications. He spends his free time running marathons, sailing, skiing off-pistes and kitesurfing.

Founder at Gruppa Kompaniy Familia

Alexander, as a visionary, has more than 15 years of investment and venture capital experience. He is unique Russian composer who successfully combines creative work with business. He effectively manages GRUPPA KOMPANIY FAMILIA , which specializes in investment and venture capital in blockchain, media, new media, publishing, and entertainment sectors. He is one of the founders of the 5 Continent Consulting Group specializing in IT-sector, biotechnologies, digital healthcare and financial management. Partner of the iTech Capital Fund, which is major stakeholder of such leading companies as BitFury, Clickky, Ticketland, AviaSales, QIWI post, SeoPult Group, Garpun, MFM Solution and others. He found and running Rasia Capital – investment boutique with focusing on Asia. His personal investments are in sectors: Blockchain infrastructure, aSport, Mixed Reality. Alexander successfully established - networking platform. He is one of the main world experts in such topics as Transformation of Global Economy, Decentralization of Everything, Blockchain technology and MES (Media, Entertainment and Sport) sector. He makes foresights speeches at different leading world forums and conferences such as MIPTV, MIPCOM, MIDEM (France), World Knowledge Forum (Korea), All That Matters (Singapore), Open Innovations (Moscow) and many others. Alexander gives lectures at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HSE France, Potsdam University in Berlin, Tokyo University and many others. Alexander is Member of Expert Council under the Prime Minister of Russian Federation (area responsibility are IT and digital economy) - In addition, he is an accomplished publicist and author. His articles and reports regularly appear in major Russian media. In 2008, he was awarded the order of medal For Professionalism and Business Reputation.

Program Officer Blockchain
Dutch Goverment

Marloes Pomp is the Initiator and Program Officer for the blockchain projects within the Dutch Government and she is responsible for the international strategy of the Dutch Blockchain Coalition.
In order to establish the exact opportunities and threats of blockchain technology, Marloes started 35 pilot projects within the Dutch Government. Some of them are in the prototype phase, others are implemented. She has also built an international network within Governments working together on several topics, sharing prototypes and knowledge. In 2017 Marloes was the Mission Leader of the first official blockchain trade mission in Singapore. Now she is working on a three-year collaboration between Singapore and the Netherlands on blockchain projects and research.
Marloes professional interests focus on tech-innovation within the government. Prior to the blockchain projects, Marloes Pomp worked in several roles like project leader and researcher at governmental organisations, including Ministry of Internal Affairs, City of Amsterdam, the Dutch Court and the Ministry of Foreign affairs.
In addition, she also serves as an advisory member for the SIDN Fund, the Dutch Court and several ICO's.

Gauci, PhD
Malta Legal Services

Dr Ian Gauci is the Partner responsible for Communications, Media and Technology within GTG Advocates. He is engaged primarily in electronic communications, information society, data protection, gaming and gambling matters, whilst also focusing on consumer law, competition law, broadcasting law, cyber law, e-commerce, m-commerce, e-health, e-payment, information technology, new technologies, unfair commercial practices and misleading advertising.

Hui PhD
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Kai-Lung Hui’s research focuses on the impact of information technologies and the analysis of policies related to information technology use and development. His research has variously addressed topics such as the impact of law enforcement on crime deterrence on the Internet, digital divide, how piracy affected sales of legitimate items, and the impact of copyright law on the supply of creative works. His research has been published in scholarly journals including The American Economic Review: Papers and Proceedings, Information Systems Research, Management Science, MIS Quarterly, and Journal of MIS, among others.
Dr. Hui has provided consulting services to the Ministry of Law of Singapore, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the Intellectual Property Department of the Hong Kong SAR Government, the Communications Association of Hong Kong, and various private organisations. He is currently serving as an advisor of, UC.Now, and Swiss Innovation Valley.

L. Seretakis PhD
Trinity College Dublin

Alexandros Seretakis studied law in Greece (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), London (UCL) and New York (NYU) and Luxembourg (University of Luxembourg). During 2011-2012 he was a research fellow at the Pollack Center for Law and Business, a joint venture of NYU School of Law and the Stern School of Business. He has completed his PhD at the University of Luxembourg where he taught courses in European Company Law, Hedge Funds and Private Equity. He is currently an assistant professor in law at Trinity College Dublin. His research interests include Corporate Governance, Hedge Funds and Private Equity. His articles have appeared in the Fordham Journal of Corporate and Financial Law, NYU Journal of Law and Business, Ohio State Entrepreneurial Business Law Journal, Brooklyn Journal of Corporate, Financial and Commercial Law.
He previously practiced law in Greece and is admitted to the Bar in Greece and the State of New York.

COO & co-founder

Andrzej graduated from Warsaw School of Economics. He is an experienced manager and consultant. He devoted a large part of his professional life to running a successful consulting company focused on advising public authorities in their attempts to support innovative enterprises. With this experience, he is aware of most pitfalls, and the “dos” and “don’ts” which tech startups are facing. At Golem, he is responsible for company`s business operations, strategy and various marketing activities.

Avanza Innovations

An expert technologist with 18+ years of industry experience, in enabling banks, governments and private organizations to realize value using innovative technology solutions. Ali heads the technology wing of Avanza and is CTO of Avanza Innovations. Along with his team, Ali is passionate about building the next level solutions in the space of blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Smart Cities. Ali is working closely with organizations and governments to see how an Avanza enabled blockchain, AI and smart cities technology suite can transform and deliver true value and with the implementation experience, continuously improve and excel the solution stack in the newly emerging technology landscape. Ali has worked before in various roles including chief innovation officer, project manager, solution architect and started his career as a passionate software programmer.

Volker Brendel
Kodak One

Volker Brendel starts its career 30 years ago in the field of pattern recognition in the banking industry. After starting its own company business 24 years ago, he specialist in research and enterprise computing and was the development lead of the Fraunhofer project “Broken Stasi Snippets Reconstruction" and leads several Research projects for fraud content, parts, skin and object detection in real world scenarios for healthcare such as Smart Senior, Matrix and Med-I-Port and for the security industry. As senior manager of the Deloitte Analytics Institute he was responsible for many big data & AI driven analytics projects for big customers in automotive, finance, chemicals and manufacturing as lead big data architect. Volker was CTO in many different international companies and is focussing now, as CIO of the WENN Digital Inc. and CTO of the Ryde GmbH on the platform development of KODAKOne. The AI & Data insights driven worldwide rights management platform for photographers on its own blockchain KODAKOne and its own crypto economic KODAKCoin.

Gibraltar Stock Exchange

Philip Young has over 26 years investment industry experience. Mr Young began his career in investment banking before moving to investment management where he spent 10 years with a start-up hedge fund and principal emerging market private equity firm. Philip is a founding team member of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange, which was awarded its regulatory license in 2015. The GSX launched the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange in October 2017, as part of a global initiative to introduce best practices and regulatory higher standards to token sales, and the emerging tokenised economy. The GBX launched its token sale platform, the GBX GRID, and will be launching the Digital Asset Exchange shortly.


Jacek Figuła, Chief Commercial Officer of Billon, with +20 years’ experience in sales leadership and team leading in global corporations: CISCO, UPC, Nortel, DEC and Siemens. At CISCO, he has been leading transformational projects in CEE. At Nortel, Jacek was holding a position of the General Manager of Polish affiliate and multiple sales roles. Holder of MBA at POU – Thames Valley University in London and MSc at EFP – Franco-Polish School of New Technologies in Poznan.

Director, Section for Economy, Finance and Science
Embassy of Switzerland in Poland

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